Quality Components

Playing surface:
Synthetic nap over automotive cork, with industrial plasticised printing process:

  • gives ‘casino’ dice roll, as opposed to skating or skipping on a wooden or leather surface
  • smooth and even unhindered checker movement
  • playing surface colours will not break up, lift-off, peel, crack, lighten or ‘dandruff’ out
  • playing surface is durable, and resistant to fading or wear, whilst giving consistent ‘velvet’ or ‘felt’ playing feel
  • dirt can be lifted out with warm water and mild detergent using a clean cloth (see FAQ)


Attaché style carrier:

Solid wood construction with automotive cork padding, exterior coverings of choice (leather, fabric, tapestry etc) with combination locks and Sheepskin fleece storage/travel case:

  • professional tournament size board (for competitive play)
  • folds up for convenient carriage and storage
  • dice cups with lipped edges (prevents dice manipulation)
  • spacious playing field for comfortable movement; large enough to permit chouette play (easy to view by multiple players)
  • self-contained attaché locking for secure keeping of contents during play breaks (in public tournaments if boards left in hall)
  • combination locks do not require a key (keys can get lost) and will close on any combination (not all combination locks will do this)
  • fleece carrier/storage bag keeps board clean and always garners compliments at the airport!
  • Personalised nameplate option to identify owner